Versa Spray Tan for Special Occasions

Proms, Graduations, Weddings and More!

If you’re planning a monumental occasion, why not be sure you’re looking your absolute best by getting a Versa spray tan? After all, you’ll be taking plenty of pictures to remember the event that will be in color… shouldn’t you have some “color” too?

Versa spray stations are state-of-the art, allowing you to customize your color. Walk in pale, come out golden in just 3 minutes! We also offer pre-sunless pH balancing and post-sunless super hydrating treatments for the total experience. Versa skin products are also available for maintenance and moisturizing at home.

Versa tans use ingredients that are completely organic and look totally natural. You won’t come out orange! These tans not only go on quickly and feel great but the color helps to hide fine lines and wrinkles, helping give you a more youthful appearance as well.

A Versa spray tan is the perfect compliment to your fancy dress or tux. For bridal parties, we offer special group packages so you can make sure all your beautiful bridesmaids look tan, even in the dead of winter. These packages include all of our facilities like our massage beds and tanning machines so you can make an entire afternoon outing of it with the whole group.

Versa spray tans are perfect for bar or bat mitzvahs, graduation, communions, proms, and more – basically, any important event in your life where you dress to impress.

I started Dark Tan because I wanted us to be different than the faded, chintzy tanning parlors of yesteryear. Our salon is a clean, quiet, elegant space that you and your party will find comfortable and inviting the moment you walk in the door.

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