The Dark Tan Difference

Over the years I’ve seen the inside of a lot of tanning salons. And no matter what city I was in, they were basically all the same: brightly-lit, stark, no-frills service on a tanning bed that cost $1,500 and could possibly harm you.

Quite frankly, I found it depressing. When I decided to open Dark Tan, I vowed I would create a completely different type of experience.

First, I made all services included with every visit. I wanted people to be able to use our state-of-the-art tanning beds, get a spray tan and/or lie in the 30-gallon HydroMassage bed while they were here, like a resort. I sometimes find myself having to remind our customers to do more than just one thing!

I also wanted to have beds that use the safest, most modern technology. Currently, we are the only tanning salon in the US doing only high-pressure tanning on beds imported from Italy. These innovate machines give you higher levels of UVA, resulting in deeper, more long-lasting color. Most importantly, this technology is safer than those UVB ray machines others use, which often burn the skin.

Dark Tan aims to be a stylish boutique: we are a quiet space that comes with a comfortable, professional level of service you would expect from a top-tier salon in Beverly Hills. We also sell sunglasses from the hottest brands, including Alexander McQueen, Gucci, and Jimmy Choo.

Finally, I insisted Dark Tan be convenient for busy parents so I made sure to include a Kids Safe Zone. Now you can come use our services without having to call the babysitter. Your kids will be in a supervised space where they can play while you tan or unwind from your day.

Whether you’ve been going to tanning salons for years or this is your first time, I hope you’ll agree Dark Tan is completely unique the moment you walk through the door.